Popular USAAF Pieces

Following the overwhelming response to Robert Taylor’s recent ‘Checkertails’ release, today we’re proud to showcase some of his classic masterworks which feature iconic warbirds and legendary American aviators!

26 February 2024

Each piece includes ORIGINAL autographs having been signed over the years by WW2 veterans, creating special collector’s pieces to be cherished for future generations.

In some cases only ONE copy is available so BE QUICK before they’re gone!



P-51 Mustangs of the 357th Fighter Group engage a strong force of Me109s and a massive dog-fight has developed whilst P-47 Thunderbolts of 56th Fighter Group climb to give support.

Published in 2001, Robert’s dramatic print continues to be sought after on the Secondary Market and features no less than SEVEN signatures of prominent USAAF and Luftwaffe veterans!

ONE copy: £995 / $1,395




As the war in Europe entered its final phase, B-17s of the 1st Air Division head back towards England after a successful raid on German Headquarters near Berlin. Suddenly the air is alive with cannon fire as Luftwaffe Me262 jets launch a swift, desperate attack on the homeward-bound bombers. But the escorting fighters of the 356th Fighter Group have quickly spotted the danger and, dive in hot pursuit.

This Limited Edition print has been signed for posterity by THREE highly-distinguished veterans who belong to that small, talented band of Allied fighter pilots who have scored a victory over a jet.

Limited Edition: £215/ $325



Robert’s outstanding piece pays tribute to the P-38 Lightning - one of the fastest and most deadly long-range fighter-bombers of the entire war - and the pilots who flew this iconic aircraft.

Originally published in 1987, this punchy depiction of P-38 Lightning's has inevitably become a popular Robert Taylor classic, with the addition of FOUR legendary P-38 Pilot autographs adding further historic value!

Limited Edition: £425 / $595



Having been badly damaged by flak and enemy fighters, and almost out of fuel after a gruelling eight hour mission over Europe, the Pilot of this B-17 makes a forced landing in the safety of an English cornfield. To the relief of the crew, a pair of P-51 Mustangs have escorted the damaged aircraft back across the North Sea and although not the intended landing place, the Mustang Pilots peel off as they see their charge safely back on friendly soil.

This ONE and only Artist Proof copy carries the signatures of no less than FIVE distinguished B-17 aircrew, including a Medal of Honor recipient!

Artist Proof: £325 / $520



Captain ‘Bud’ Mahurin leads P-47 Thunderbolts of the 56th Fighter Group – “The Wolfpack”, through majestic clouds high above the east coast of England as they prepare to escort B-24 Liberators of the 392nd Bomb Group on a mission to the German port of Bremen, 26 November, 1943. Today the escorting “Wolfpack” will claim an ETO record, destroying more enemy aircraft in a day than any other fighter group and Mahurin will add three more victories to his tally, to become the leading Ace in the Group. The bombers have none better to protect them.

Robert's epic portrayal of the 56th Fighter Group, who destroyed more enemy aircraft in air combat than any other, carries the signatures of THREE highly-respected Pilots who flew with the illustrious unit, including Colonel MAHURIN himself!

Limited Edition: £210 / $320


Looking for something extra-special?

Upgrade any of these titles to include a completely unique Legacy Remarque hand-drawn in the lower margin by Robert's talented son, Richard Taylor.

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