by Robert Taylor

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In a moving 50th Anniversary tribute to the 1700 intrepid aircrew who flew the epic Ploesti Raid, the world's foremost aviation artist, Robert Taylor, has created a masterpiece in air combat art. As Suzy Q emerges from the maelstrom, with 44th Bomb Group Commander Leon Johnson clearly visible in the co-pilot's seat, the gripping spectacle of that historic raid is brought to life with vivid, awesome realty. 

This award winning print sold out immediately and has been a very rare and highly desired piece in the secondary market since. 

The Limited Edition & Artist Proofs

Each print is signed by FIVE distinguished B-24 pilots, each representing one of the five USAAF Bomb Groups who flew the mighty Ploesti mission.

  • Major Robert Sternfels
  • Major General Ramsay Potts
  • Lieutenant General Keith K. Compton
  • Colonel William Cameron
  • Major General Phillip Ardrey

The Publisher's Proof

50 Publisher Proofs were published with matching numbered prints of ONE OF THE LUCKY ONES, reproduced from Robert Taylor's original pencil drawing showing a B-24 crew having just returned from the epic Ploesti raid.  Each companion print (measuring 25"x18") has been signed by significant personnel who played a vital role in the success of the Ploesti mission.

  • Lieutenant Bill Dabney
  • Aviation Mechanic Will Lundy
34 x 25 inches
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