D-Day 6th June 1944 changed the course of the war in Europe. For this exciting event we’ll be joined at the UK Gallery veterans who took part in this historic period to sign autographs for collectors.

27 January 2019


Our special guests include:

Able Seaman LEN HOBBS – as part of the Royal Navy he served on HMS Fernie throughout the Normandy invasion which included taking part in the rescue operation when HMS Halsted was torpedoed on 11th June 1944.

Able Seaman BILL BENNETT – with the Royal Navy he was involved first at Gold Beach, then Operation Pluto to construct undersea oil pipelines, and finally he helped to bring in supplies for Allied troops.

Sapper DON SHEPPARD – landed on Juno Beach with the 51st Highland Division behind the Canadian Force. He soon advanced towards Pegasus Bridge and saw action throughout Normandy, later taking part in Operation "Market Garden".

Wireless Operator BOB STEVENS – serving with the 25th Air Construction Group he landed at Juno Beach on D-Day +1 alongside the 2nd Canadian Army Commandos. He helped clear the way for the invasion to progress through Europe and went on to serve throughout operation Operation Market Garden.

Seaman ALBERT ENGLAND – as part of the Royal Navy he served on Landing Craft LCT 2498 as part of the US landings at Utah Beach on D-Day. He was carrying American Engineers when his boat was hit but luckily got rescued and evacuated back to England. He went on to also serve in Burma.


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