NEW: F-4 Phantoms in Vietnam

The two latest releases by Anthony Saunders...

26 February 2021


Two powerful new Limited Edition prints by Anthony Saunders – each is available individually or as a matching-numbered pair whilst stocks allow.

Both pieces feature the iconic McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II which was used extensively by both the USAF and USN in Vietnam:



F-4 Phantoms of VF-111, ‘The Sundowners’, launch from USS Coral Sea in the Gulf of Tonkin in a successful attempt to intercept North Vietnamese MiGs returning to Quang Lang airfield, 6 March 1972.

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Colonel Robin Olds and his flight of eight F-4 Phantoms from the 8th Tactical Fighter Wing encounter a large group of North Vietnamese MiG-17s over the hills north of Hai Phong, 20 May 1967. During the clash that followed Olds and his WSO 1st Lt. Stephen B. Croker destroyed two MiG-17s.

Prices from £75 - Click HERE to find out more!


Already internationally renowned for his stunning depictions of WWII scenes, Anthony has excelled all expectations with these pieces, unbelievably his first-ever jet paintings!

Each print is hand numbered, personally signed by the artist and available individually or as a matching-numbered pair whilst stocks allow!

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