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28 February 2021


On 19 January 1972 Lt. Randy Cunningham and his Radar Intercept Officer, Lt. Willie ‘Irish’ Driscoll flying a Phantom F-4J from VF-96 off the carrier USS Constellation destroyed a MiG-21 over North Vietnam. It was the first of five air victories that paved the way for them to become the US Navy’s only Aces of the Vietnam War.

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Flying down Thud Ridge at just below the speed of sound, Jack Broughton leads an F-105 Thunderchief raid on the power plant at Viet Tri, North Vietnam, March12, 1967. The target was destroyed.

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Steve Ritchie hurtles through a hail of deadly enemy flak in his F-4D Phantom as he exits the target area after a typical FAST FAC mission on enemy installations in North Vietnam, 1972.

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