by Gerald Coulson

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Pathfinder crews used a combination of personal skill and technical equipment to locate their targets. Often flying against overwhelming odds and in appalling conditions they transformed the performance of a bomber force that in 1941 was dropping almost half its bombs on open countryside.

This superb tribute to Bomber Command depicts Pathfinder Lancasters of No 8 PFF Group returning late after a gruelling operation over Berlin. It is Christmas 1943 and the winter landscape reflects the early morning sunrise as the weary crews approach the safety of their Cambridge base.

The Limited Edition

Joining artist Gerald Coulson, each print in the Limited Edition has been signed by:

  • Squadron Leader Norman Scrivener DSO DFC AE
  • Flight Lieutenant John Petrie-Andrews DFC DFM
  • Wing Commander Jim Wright DFC
  • Flight Lieutenant Dennis Woolley DFC DFM
  • Wing Commander Ernest Rodley DSO DFC AFC AE

The Artist Proofs

Each Artist Proof has been further signed by:

  • Warrant Officer M 'Ben' Brennan DFM AFM
  • Flight Lieutenant Derek Balcombe
  • Group Captain Gerry South DSO DFC
  • Warrant Officer Bill Wilcox DFM

The Publisher Proofs

In addition to the already impressive lineup of signatures in the Artist Proof, each Publisher Proof has been hand-signed by an additional five veterans, making for a total of FOURTEEN, including:

  • Air Commodore E. B. 'Ted' Sismore DSO DFC AFC AE
  • Squadron Leader RG Bob Wadsworth DSO DFC
  • Squadron Leader Ron Curtis DSO DFC
  • Group Captain Geoffrey Womersley DSO DFC
  • Flight Lieutenant Ed 'Bertie' Boulter DFC
30 x 24 inches
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