MEN OF THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN - Special Remarque Books

by Richard Taylor

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About the book...

Updated, expanded and recently revised, this third edition of Kenneth Wynn’s acclaimed book ‘Men of the Battle of Britain’ provides one of the most comprehensive and accurate sources of reference for each of the 3,000 or so airmen known to have fought with Fighter Command during the Battle of Britain.

Endorsed by the Battle of Britain Memorial Trust, this exhaustively researched book features not only the famous names who flew hundreds of sorties but all those who undertook fewer missions, including the airmen who were killed, sometimes on their first combat outing. The book details their service records, their squadrons, ranks, promotions, decorations, nationalities and various victory successes, all updated with new material that has come to light over the three decades since its original publication. 

Containing many, sometimes new wartime head-and-shoulders photographs, there are new entries, rectifications and freshly unearthed details together with information such as dates and places of birth, a short history of their service careers and civilian occupations, dates of death and place of burial or, for those with no known grave, place of commemoration.

Many of the men featured were, of course, Spitfire and Hurricane pilots but alongside them are the never-to-be-forgotten Pilots, Air Gunners, Observers, Radar and Wireless Operators who played a vital role in some of the other lesser-known aircraft involved in the Battle of Britain, among them Defiants, Blenheims, Battles and Beaufighters. 

Published in hardback with over 600 pages this extraordinary book has become a standard source of reference not only for historians and academics researching the Battle of Britain, but for aviation enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Now with an original pencil drawing – only available from Aces High:

To transform this legendary book into a unique collector’s item, we’re delighted to offer the opportunity to enhance just a handful of copies with a spectacular original pencil drawing hand-crafted by leading aviation artist Richard Taylor.

Internationally regarded as one of the most gifted exponents of this fascinating genre, Richard will create a bespoke work of art in the front of each book employing his delicate pencil work embellished with his now ‘trademark’ coloured highlights.


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