Unique D-Day Framed Collector's Piece's

As we continue our countdown to the 80th Anniversary of D-Day, here are some recently framed collector's pieces that are all IN STOCK at the Steventon Gallery and ready for immediate collection of fully-insured worldwide shipping... 

30 January 2024


Legacy Remarque by Robert & Richard Taylor

Typhoon fighter-bombers of 247 Squadron exit the target area near Falaise at full throttle, wreaking devastation with their powerful rockets as fuel and ammunition from the retreating German column explode with shattering force. The Typhoons will hurtle back to base to re-arm and hastily re-fuel, ready for yet another withering strike on the encircled Wehrmacht columns.

Personally signed by three brave veterans who flew Typhoons over Normandy during WWII, this Limited Edition print has been upgraded with a stunning hand-crafted Triple Legacy Remarque by Richard Taylor!

PLUS the original autographs of a further four highly respected Typhoon pilots have been included within the matting, creating a superb and completely unique SEVEN signature collection!



by Anthony Saunders

Mk.IX Spitfires of 401 Squadron RCAF prepare to head out on an evening patrol from their forward airstrip, B-4, at Beny-sur-Mer in Normandy, late June 1944.

This evocative tribute has been framed to include the original autographs of two highly-regarded Spitfire pilots who flew with the Canadian Wing during the Normandy Campaign!



by James Dietz

As a lasting tribute to the U.S. Airborne Divisions who fought so bravely on D-Day and throughout the subsequent Normandy Campaign, the piece depicts paratroopers of the 82nd Airborne Division inspecting their recent 'acquisitions'.

This print is hand-numbered and signed by the artist, James Dietz, and framed to full conservation standards to include the original autograph of a highly-regarded 101st Airborne veteran!



Remarque by Simon Smith

Shortly after D-Day, the free movement of Allied troops over the Caen Canal heralds a significant triumph in the campaign to liberate Normandy. Just days before, in the early hours of 6 June, elements of the British 6th Airborne Division captured the strategically important Bénouville bridge, later renamed Pegasus after their flying horse emblem. 

Framed to full conservation standards to include a museum-quality reproduction 6th Airborne Pegasus patch, adding great authenticity the print carries the original signatures of ELEVEN British veterans!

Making this one even MORE special and unique is the addition of an original Simon Smith pencil remarque embellished in the lower margin!



by James Dietz

Jim's highly detailed study depicts German paratroopers during a brief respite from the bitter fighting during the Normandy Campaign.


Hand-numbered and signed by the artist, this special copy has been framed to full conservation standards to include an original pencil autograph of a German paratrooper!



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