The Wooden Horse by Richard Taylor

Richard Taylor commemorates the 80th Anniversary of this daring escape...

20 October 2023

The Wooden Horse


Built to hold captured Allied airmen, Stalag Luft III was a notoriously difficult prison to escape from. The Germans thought any attempt to dig an escape tunnel would be detected. How wrong they were – the site would become famous for some of the most audacious escapes of WWII.

To commemorate the 80th Anniversary of the daring ‘Wooden Horse’ escape, Richard has crafted a pair of original pencil drawings portraying some of the dramatic incidents from a plan that was as bold as it was ingenious. Every day a gymnastic vaulting horse was carried close to the perimeter wire for ‘exercise classes’. Concealed inside, however, was one, sometimes two men who began to dig down with any noise masked by a queue of ‘gymnasts’. 

On 29 October 1943 the tunnel was finished. Hidden inside the horse the three escapees – F/Lt. Eric Williams, Lt. Michael Cordner and F/Lt. Oliver Philpot – made their successful getaway. 

Both of Richard’s original pencil drawings have been framed to full conservation standards in a single composition that incorporates an extremely RARE First Day Cover personally signed by one of the Wooden Horse escapees, the late Flt Lt OLIVER PHILPOT MC, DFC. 



We're delighted to be able to offer a small selection of RARE & highly sought-after signatures from the real life 'Great Escapers' of Stalag Luft III, PLUS those of the actors who starred in the 1963 Classic Hollywood adaptation! These include:

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