SALUTE TO THE BRAVE - New Release by Anthony Saunders

Anthony Saunders pays homage to B-17 'Ye Olde Pub' and Franz Stigler...

29 October 2019


Luftwaffe Ace Franz Stigler declines to destroy a seemingly defenceless and battered B-17 from the 379th Bomb Group as it limps home following a raid on Bremen, 20 December 1943. Having assessed the critical state of the Fortress flown by 2nd Lt Charlie Brown, and glimpsed some of the badly wounded men through gaping holes in the fuselage, Stigler decides to escort the bomber to the North Sea coast on a heading for England. In a final act of chivalry, the German pilot looked across at his American counterpart and raised a gloved hand in salute before swinging his aircraft away.

Anthony's superb piece recreates the now legendary scene as Stigler looks the relieved Brown in the eyes and raises his hand in a Salute to the Brave.


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