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Commemorating the Battle for Normandy...

8 June 2021

Continuing our commemorations, we're proud to feature these memorable editions which have been signed by iconic veterans who took part in the epic struggles as the Allies pushed for victory in Europe:



Framed Double Remarque by Simon Smith

Featuring a detailed Double Remarque by Simon in the lower margin of the print, it has also been signed for posterity by two veterans who fought at Pointe-du-Hoc including Private 1st Class VINCE HAGG.

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Framed Collectors Piece by Larry Selman

With a heritage that's traced back to the American Civil War, the 'Stonewallers' upheld their proud legacy of courage and valor. Adding great authenticity, this RARE print has been signed by Sergeant BOB SLAUGHTER who fought with the unit at Omaha Beach on D-Day.

More info available HERE!



Framed Double Remarque by Simon Smith

Featuring a highly-detailed Double Remarque, this outstanding print has also been signed by FOUR distinguished veterans who fought during the Normandy campaign including Corporal GEOFFREY PULZER who served as a Sherman Tank Commander.

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Framed Double Remarque by Simon Smith

Completing the set is a matching-numbered copy of the book OVERLORD which includes special veteran-signed bookplates, creating an unprecedented SEVENTY signature portfolio!

Find out about this special print and book portfolio HERE!


We're sure these commemorative pieces won't be around for long - CONTACT US for more info or to guarantee your copy!

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