by Chris French

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A stunning Limited Edition print commemorating the 80th anniversary of Operation Jericho : 1944 – 2024

The message was as dismal as the winter weather; behind the sombre walls of Amiens prison several hundred members of the French Resistance, many of them betrayed by collaborators and condemned to death for assisting the Allies, awaited their fate. For some it was too late, several had already been shot, and the future of the others, including two captured intelligence officers, looked bleak. The surviving prisoners needed help before the entire Resistance movement in northern France was rolled up – and with further executions scheduled to be carried out on Saturday 19 February 1944 they needed help fast.

With fighter cover provided by Typhoons the difficult task of springing the captives was given to the RAF’s low-level specialists – the Mosquito squadrons of 140 Wing based at Hunsdon. Operation Ramrod 564, later codenamed Operation Jericho, their brief was daunting: breach the 20-ft high outer wall, open up the wall of the main building and obliterate the guards’ quarters in the hope that the cell doors would be sprung open by concussion from the blasts to allow the prisoners to escape.

Using the formidable skills acquired over 30 years as one of the country’s highly- respected aviation artists, Chris French gives us a dramatic navigator’s view as the final pair of Mosquitos race towards the snow-clad target with pilot Flight Lieutenant Tom McPhee of 464 Squadron RAAF keeping tight formation behind Squadron Leader Ian McRitchie. Deploying 11-second delayed action bombs with superb timing, the previous waves have already caused considerable damage inside the prison and to the towering outer wall, where two breaches are clearly visible as the first prisoners escape into the surrounding frozen fields, many to rejoin the Resistance.

Completed with the help of the de Havilland Museum, Chris’ memorable painting not only serves as a lasting tribute to the brave airmen who took part in Operation Jericho, but also honours the countless aircrew from all parts of the world who flew the legendary ‘Wooden Wonder’ on such daring missions throughout World War Two.

Limited Edition

Only 80 copies are available to commemorate the 80th anniversary of Operation Jericho!

Faithfully reproduced as a fine art limited edition, there are just 80 prints available to commemorate the 80th anniversary of this famous raid. Each copy is personally signed by artist Chris French, hand numbered and issued with a matching Certificate of Authenticity.

25.75 x 19.5 inches
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