by Robert Taylor

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Commemorating the Battle of the Coral Sea Robert Taylor has chosen to portray the sinking of the Shoho in this dramatic painting. When Commander Weldon Hamilton, leading one of the Lexington's Dauntless squadrons, spotted the Shoho at 10.40 on the morning of May 4th 1942, the Japanese carrier's fate was sealed. Within minutes she was hit by the full force of the Lexington's dive bombers and torpedo aircraft, aided by the Yorktown's attack group. Smothered by a dozen bomb and seven torpedo hits, she was sunk within thirty minutes of the first sighting.

The Five Signature Editions

Each print in theese editions has been hand signed by the artist in addition to the following US Navy SBD Dauntless pilots who flew in the Pacific:

  • Commander Harold L Buell
  • Captain Ben Preston
  • Commander Joe Riley
  • Captain Arthur Schultz
  • Captain Lawrence G Traynor

The Ten Signature Editions

These 10 signature prints have been additionally signed by the following US Navy SBD Dautless pilots:

  • Lieutenant Commander Dick Best
  • Captain Bill Christie
  • Captain Robert Elder
  • Commander Harry A Fredrickson
  • Captain Stanley 'Swede' Vejtasa
33 x 24 inches
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