by Robert Taylor

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During the Battle of the Atlantic the defence of Britain’s supply convoys rested squarely on the shoulders of the Royal Navy, especially the destroyers. Robert Taylor impressive painting shows the destroyer HMS Kelly, commanded by Lord Louis Mountbatten, steaming at full speed to intercept a U-boat that is bearing down on the convoy.

Released over twenty-five years ago this is one of Robert Taylor’s earliest published works and good copies are rare and increasingly hard to find. Uniquely, we believe, these moving prints were the only edition ever signed by Mountbatten’s First Officer on HMS Kelly, Lieutenant Commander – later to become Rear Admiral – Philip Burnett who later wrote “As Louis Mountbatten's First Officer aboard the Kelly, I congratulate you on a superb painting of our beloved destroyer"

The Signatures

Each print in this limited edition has been hand signed by the artist Robert Taylor as well as:

  • Admiral Philip W Burnett
20 x 14 inches
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