by Keith Burns

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Featuring P-51 Mustang ‘Miss Helen’ of the 352nd Fighter Group

By the Spring of 1945 the Luftwaffe was a shadow of its former self but what little remained of that once mighty force was not going down without a fight. And the Mustang pilots of the Mighty Eighth knew it. Ever alert for trouble, every mission still risked a probably one-sided yet potentially deadly encounter with the enemy.

Award-winning artist Keith Burns takes us to one such mission in the Spring of 1945 as pilots of the 352nd Fighter Group – the ‘Blue Nosed Bastards of Bodney’ – head back to base following a successful operation escorting the Eighth’s heavy bombers to some of the few remaining industrial targets in Germany. As they scan the skies looking for trouble a brief glint far below has caught one of the pilot’s eyes. Could it be enemy fighters? Whatever the cause, the P-51s will investigate.

Restricted to just 100 copies worldwide, this vibrant piece serves as a lasting tribute to all those who flew the magnificent P-51 Mustang in combat during the Second World War.

The Limited Edition

Issued with a unique Certificate guaranteeing its authenticity, each print is personally signed by artist Keith Burns and hand numbered. Adding great authenticity, the edition has been reproduced onto fine art paper that was individually signed by three P-51 Mustang pilots who flew in combat during World War II, including two members of the 352nd Fighter Group as depicted in Keith’s piece:

  • Lieutenant Colonel Donald S Bryan
  • Captain Robert H. 'Punchy' Powell
  • First Lieutenant Stephen Ananian

Matted Collector’s Piece

This special Limited Edition print has been mounted to full conservation standards to include a museum-quality reproduction 8th Air Force shoulder patch and an ORIGINAL fragment of P-51 Mustang ‘Miss Helen’ which features in Keith’s piece!

Matted size approx: 21” wide x 17” high 

Upgrade to include a Remarque or Double Remarque

Every copy can be upgraded to include an original Remarque or Double Remarque by Keith in the lower margin of the print. These can be completed in either pencil or acrylic to create a completely unique piece and if you have a particular request please ask when placing your order.

17.75 x 12.5 inches
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