Air Combat Paintings VOLUME IV - Multi-Signed Book

by Robert Taylor

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We are delighted to have in stock an extremely rare first edition hardback copy of Robert Taylor’s Air Combat Paintings Volume IV book.

This unique piece has been personally hand-signed by ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY SIX veterans of WWII.

These include:

  • Luftwaffe Pilots and Aircrew including both day and night fighters
  • Aces of the USAAF including triple-ace ‘Bud’ Anderson
  • RAF Fighter Pilots including EIGHT who took part in the Battle of Britain
  • Over 30 veterans of RAF Bomber Command including the famous 617 Sqn
  • Test Pilots including the legendary Eric ‘Winkle’ Brown

…and countless veterans of Dunkirk, the Normandy Campaign, Market Garden and the Arctic Convoys.


This special book has also been signed by the artist Robert Taylor and comes with a luxury embossed slipcase.