by Robert Taylor

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Robert Taylor's painting portrays the renowned defiance of the U-boat crews.  Caught on the surface by a PBY Catalina of the Fleet Air Wing based at Port Lyautey in French Morocco, the gun crews of a type VIIc U-Boat are quickly into action.  The 3.7 cm anti-aircraft gun is hurriedly reloaded while on the upper platform the 2cm anti-aircraft twins take chunks out of the Catalina's tail - enough damage to secure a respite from the attack.  Soon they will dive to relative safety beneath the Atlantic swell.

The Limited Edition

Each print in each limited edition has been personally signed by four brave men who earned the Knights Cross serving in U-Boats during the second World War:

  • Kapitanleutnant Karl-August Landfermann
  • Oberboostmannsmaat Rudolf Muhlbauer
  • Korveitenkapitan Helmut Witte KC

The Seven Signature Edition

Each print in this edition has been additionally signed by a further three Knights Cross U-Boat veterans:

  • Kapitanleutnant Gerhard Bielig KC
  • Kapitanleutnant Heinz Franke KC

Publisher Proofs

Just 50 Publisher Proofs of Against All Odds have been issued with matching numbered companion print reproduced from Robert Taylor's final working drawing for this painting.  Each of these rare pencil companions has been signed by two U-Boat captains and Knights Cross holders, including the third highest scoring U-Boat Ace in history:

  • Fregattankapitan Erich Topp KC WITH OAK LEAVES AND SWORDS
  • Kapitanleutnant Rolf Thomsen KC WITH OAK LEAVES
32 x 24 inches
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