More time on your hands and thinking of updating your collection?

20 March 2020

Our new VIRTUAL PART EXCHANGE is now available!

Refresh your collection from the comfort of your own home!

All you have to do is follow some easy steps:


What’s on your WISH LIST?

Let us know which titles you’d like to add to your collection - CLICK HERE to send us your wish list!

What’s being part-exchanged?

Write a list of pieces you’d consider trading in

Call us to find out more!

You can reach us on the normal number (+44) 01296 625681 to discuss details and check availability.


Whilst it isn’t possible to visit the Gallery at present, this won’t stop us from sending your required items as soon as we can. As for your pieces being exchanged - we're patient and are happy to wait until certain restrictions have been lifted so it’s safe to see you in person!


**Virtual PX2020 is only available for a limited period - payment plans are also available**

CONTACT US for more details.



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