The story of Franz Stigler and Charlie Brown

A moving story of the mercy shown by a Luftwaffe Ace towards an American B-17 crew has now become legendary...

8 March 2023

20 December 1943 – rookie pilot Charlie Brown and the crew of B-17 Ye Olde Pub manage to bomb the Focke-Wolf factory in Bremen despite severe damage over target.  Turning for home, the damage was starting to show and the straggler now became a magnet for encircling Luftwaffe fighters, who pulverised the already battered Fortress. Somehow, Brown managed to keep her in the air – just.

It wasn’t long before Franz Stigler’s Bf109 was spotted approaching at speed; all on board believed their days were now finally numbered. But the Luftwaffe Ace had other ideas. As he circled the wrecked B-17 he could clearly see the dead tail-gunner and other badly wounded men obviously unable to bail out. Compassion took the better part of valour. Instead of shooting down the Fortress, Stigler escorted the bomber over the North Sea coast on a heading for England.

Stigler never reported the incident. Had he done so he would in all probability have been shot as a traitor yet many years later, through serendipity and good fortune, both men would meet again and become firm friends.

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by Anthony Saunders

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by Nicolas Trudgian

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The first includes a total of EIGHT original autographs of Luftwaffe pilots and B-17 aircrew who all flew in combat over Europe during WWII. The second print has been classically framed to include museum-quality reproduction Luftwaffe Breast Eagle and USAAF Wings.

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