PERFECT TIMING by Richard Taylor

Announcing a NEW highly-restricted edition commemorating 80 years since the Dambuster Raids: 1943 – 2023

26 October 2023


As Guy Gibson and Mick Martin attempt to draw enemy flak, Dinghy Young makes his attack and releases his Upkeep bomb with perfect timing to bounce over the water and detonate against the dam wall. After one further strike by David Maltby's mine, the first of Germany's great dams will finally be breached.

Faithfully reproduced as high-quality giclée fine art prints, only NINETEEN copies of this thrilling edition are available worldwide representing the nineteen Lancaster crews who took part in the Dambuster Raids. To make every print in this highly-restricted edition completely unique, each has been returned to Richard’s studio for the inclusion of a specially-commissioned pencil Remarque in the lower border.

Completing these very special portfolios and adding great historical importance, prints are then mounted to full conservation standards to include the original and fully-authenticated pencil signatures of SIX famous pilots and aircrew who took part in the raids, including:

Air Marshal Sir MICK MARTIN - Pilot on Lancaster AJ-P




Orders are now being taken!

Given the popularity of Dambuster pieces and with such limited quantities available, we're sure these won't be around for long!

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