Original Painting and Pencil Drawing Collection

A pair by Richard Taylor.

6 April 2021

A unique opportunity to own a one-of-a-kind set...


Original Painting PLUS Original Pencil Drawing!

We're seldom able to offer Richard's original paintings, but making this unique set even more special is the inclusion of his matching original drawing, used to help create the composition for his painting.

Until recently, both were part of separate private collections, but we're now delighted to bring them together in one exclusive package.






With the war entering its final weeks a group of Bf109s make a desperate attempt to intercept yet another formation of B-17s from reaching their target. However their  P-51 escorts from the 353rd Fighter Group, determined to protect their charges, immediately engage the Luftwaffe fighters, March 1945. 

This exceptional pair are only available as a matching set which means only one lucky collector will be able to own this special offering!

Find out more about this special collection HERE!

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