LOW HOLDING OVER THE SAN JACINTO - The latest Canvas Proof by Robert Taylor

Robert Taylor’s famous portrayal of George H.W. Bush.

6 June 2019

Robert’s famous painting depicts George H.W. Bush as part of a formation of TBM Avengers from Torpedo Sqn 51 (VT-51) flying a low-holding pattern in preparation for landing aboard the USS San Jacinto in August 1944.

During the war, the man who would later become the 41st President of the United States logged over 1,220 flying hours, made 126 deck landings, flew 58 combat missions and was awarded three Air Medals.

Thanks to the latest high-definition technology, this wonderful image now part of Robert’s hugely popular series of artist-signed giclée canvas proofs, creating the look and feel of the original painting. CLICK HERE for more details.

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