HUNTER'S MOON: Full Moon - 28th October

As October draws to a close, the Hunter's Moon rises casting its brilliant glow across the night sky! Embracing this celestial spectacle, we're delighted to feature these atmospheric night-time pieces - each is IN STOCK today!

28 October 2023


Framed Collector's Piece by Gerald Coulson

A Hawker Hurricane of 85 Sqn patrols the South Coast of England under the watchful gaze of a full moon. The silver light illuminates the backdrop for our lone pilot on the lookout for German night raiders. It is October 1940, and it is a Hunter’s Moon.

This exceptionally RARE artist-signed print has been framed to full conservation standards to include the signatures of THREE pilots who all flew night fighter Hurricanes...



Rare Limited Edition Print by Robert Taylor

Only ONE copy of this iconic print available!

As their Lancaster bombers await, specialist RAF Pathfinder Force crews prepare for a high-precision, target-marking mission to attack industrial targets in Germany during the winter of 1943.

The edition was originally released as a tribute to RAF Bomber Command's elite Pathfinder Force in 1985 and is personally hand signed by two of its most prominent members...



We're sure this won't be around for long so contact us ASAP to place your order!



Framed Collector's Portfolio by Robert Taylor

Robert recreates the drama of a typical clandestine rendezvous as a pilot from the Special Duties 161 Sqn based at Tangmere, readies his rugged Westland Lysander for take-off in a remote field deep inside occupied France. Clutching a Luger in one hand, he completes pre-take-off checks as three passengers are spirited away by an armed member of the French resistance.

Issued with the matching-numbered companion print SPECIAL DUTIES

Framed to full conservation standards, this unique pair are signed by four highly decorated Special Duties pilots AND one of the most famous secret agents of WWII...



Limited Edition Print by Robert Taylor

Following the attack against Admiral Ozawa’s Japanese carrier fleet, Admiral Marc Mitscher defies all rules of naval engagement: In total darkness, with the ever-present danger of enemy submarines, he orders every ship in his Task Force 58 to switch on lights to guide over 100 returning carrier-borne aircraft, all desperately low on fuel. Amid the confusion, unable to get a landing slot aboard the USS Lexington, and now out of fuel, a pilot and his gunner scramble from their ditched SB2B Curtiss Helldiver, as a Fletcher class destroyer manoeuvres to make the pick-up. 

The 1997 release by Robert depicts one of the most remarkable missions during the naval air war in the Pacific. Four aircrew personally involved in the mission have signed the print...


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