CLASH OVER BRAMSCHE - New from Richard Taylor

Announcing a new Limited Edition print commemorating the Messerschmitt Me262 and the legendary pilot Major Walter Nowotny!

22 September 2023

Skilfully thwarting the determined efforts of P-51 escort fighters, Major Walter Nowotny, flying his Me262 A-1A ‘White 8’, successfully attacks a B-24 Liberator from the USAAF 392nd Bomb Group high over the town of Bramsche, Lower Saxony, 7 October 1944.

With the Luftwaffe increasingly stretched, several skilled pilots found themselves posted back to front-line action, but this time equipped with Messerschmitt’s radical new jet – the Me262. One such pilot was Walter Nowotny, the first ever to notch up 250 victories, and his experience soon paid off with his tally quickly rising to 258 while he was still only 23 years old!

In his vibrant painting, Richard has dramatically recreated Nowotny taking full advantage of his jet’s high speed to swoop through the escorting P-51s in the skies high above the town of Bramsche to successfully attack a B-24 from the 392nd Bomb Group.

Matted Collector's Editions & Remarques

image: Special Remarque Matted Edition

Adding considerable historic significance, these highly-restricted editions are mounted to full conservation standards to include the original and authentic autographs of SIX highly-regarded Luftwaffe pilots who flew Me262s in combat during WWII, starting from £175.

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