RAF Bomber Command Bookplate No.1

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This bookplate is available to be issued in any copy of our artists' books and will be accompanied by a special edition Aces High slipcase.

It has been personally autographed by Pilots and Aircrew who served with RAF Bomber Command during WWII:

Warrant Officer DENNIS SLACK
Bomb Aimer on Halifaxes with 158 Sqn

Flight Lieutenant ERIC BERNARD
Rear Gunner on Halifaxes with 10 Sqn

Flight Lieutenant ALAN PAYNE DFC
Bomb Aimer on Lancasters with 630, 57 & 620 Sqn’s

Flight Lieutenant ‘TOMMY’ COLES DFC
Pilot on Halifaxes with 158 Sqn

Flying Officer TOM SAYER DFM
Pilot on Whitleys & Halifaxes with 102 Sqn

Flying Office JACK EASTER
WOp/AG on Halifaxes & Liberators with 148 Sqn

Warrant Officer HARRY IRONS DFC
Rear Gunner on Lancasters & Halifaxes with 9 & 158 Sqn’s

Flight Lieutenant HARRY LE MARCHANT
WOp/AG on Whitleys & Lancasters with 97 & 57 Sqn’s

Flight Engineer on Halifaxes with 77 Sqn

Warrant Officer DEREK GURNEY
Air Gunner on Halifaxes with 10 Sqn

Observer on Whitleys with 10 Sqn

Warrant Officer DENNIS SWAINS
Air Gunner on Lancasters with 1656 HCU

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