New Gallery Open Weekend: 19th & 20th August

Join us for our exciting launch event for the opening of our new Gallery in Steventon!

20 August 2023

SAS – the Special Air Service

Staff Sergeant RUSTY FIRMIN - after spending time with the Junior Leader’s Regiment RA, 49 Field Regiment RA and three years with 29 Commando Regiment RA, Rusty went on to spend 15 years with the SAS to become one of the longest serving members. On 5 May 1980 he lead the six man Blue Team back door assault group into the library of the Iranian Embassy in London to rescue the 19 hostages.


World War Two RAF Bomber Command Veterans

Flight Lieutenant RUSSELL ‘RUSTY’ WAUGHMAN DFC AFC Ld’H - volunteering for the RAF in 1941, he qualified as a Pilot and was posted to 101 (Special Duties) Sqn based at RAF Ludford Magna. He completed a full tour of 30 Operations on Lancasters including the Nuremberg raid on 30 March 1944 and survived several major incidents including a mid-air collision and having his Lancaster flipped upside down by an explosion whilst over the target at Mailly-le-Camp in France.

Flight Lieutenant GEORGE DUNN DFC MiD - after training as a Pilot, George flew Halifaxes with 76 Sqn on bombing raids over Germany. His missions included the V1 and V2 rocket factory and testing site at Peenemunde and after completing 30 operations he converted to fly Mosquitos. Volunteering for the Pathfinder Force he joined 608 Sqn and flew a further 14 missions, all of them to Berlin.

Warrant Officer ROY BRIGGS - as a Wireless Operator on Lancasters with 576 Sqn based at RAF Fiskerton, Roy completed 10 wartime missions including raids to Plauen and Bremen before taking part in Operation Manna. As the war in Europe ended he transferred to 156 Pathfinder Sqn.


Our guests are happy to sign autographs for collectors and items purchased at the event over £60 can be signed free of charge.  

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