THE HARD WAY HOME - Original Oil on Canvas

by Robert Taylor

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A lone Halifax of 405 Sqn RCAF struggles home the hard way – damaged and alone. One of the engines is already out and another is smoking as the exhausted crew fight to keep their unwieldy bomber airborne. Any marauding Luftwaffe fighters would have found them easy prey, but fortunately they’ve been spotted by a formation of Hurricanes from 253 Sqn who will protect them safely back to base.

This iconic Masterwork in oil paint on canvas by the world's foremost aviation artist would make a superb centrepiece to any collection! 

Opportunities to own an original painting of this significance don’t often come along, so please Contact us for more information with complete discretion and absolutely no obligation.

Unframed canvas size: 42" wide x 24" high

Original Paintings
42 x 24 inches