LAST FLIGHT HOME - Original Oil on Canvas

by Robert Taylor

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One of the most highly-acclaimed and well-remembered of all Robert’s great Masterwork paintings.

Painted in warm glowing colours and set within the glorious confines of the beautiful English countryside, this is one of the most memorable studies of the mighty Avro Lancaster bomber ever created. The peace and tranquillity of haymaking is momentarily disturbed by the thunderous return of a squadron of Lancasters. All eyes on the ground turn skywards as the great four-engined aircraft of the last flight home make their final approach to the neighbouring airfield after a raid over enemy territory. The men of Bomber Command have come home.


The reverse of this precious canvas has been personally autographed for posterity by an amazing THIRTY TWO pilots and aircrew who flew with RAF Bomber Command during WWII.

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Overall framed size approx: 46” wide x 32” high  

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