ERWIN ROMMEL Bronze Collection

By: Peter Close - Sculptor

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ERWIN ROMMEL Bronze Collection


Feldmarschall ERWIN ROMMEL

Erwin Rommel, the most respected German military commander of WWII, commanded the 7th Panzer Division during the invasion of France. Promoted to general, he commanded the new Afrika Korps, successfully driving the British 8th Army out of Libya, but was eventually defeated at El Alamein in 1943. Approached in 1944 to join the plot to assasinate Hitler, Rommel refused suggesting Hitler be arrested and brought to trial. Now in command of the German Army in France, even Rommel was unable to halt the Allied advance following the D-Day, and in July 1944 encouraged Hitler to surrender. But Hitler had discovered Rommel was plotting against him and offered the general suicide, a state funeral and protection for his family, or trial for high treason. Erwin Rommel took the honourable decision.


Each prestigious bronze sculpture stands approximately 16 high, weighs in the region of 18lbs / 8 Kgs, and is beautifully and safely displayed within a unique deluxe Presentation box. Designed and created solely for this collection, each Presentation box is an item of timeless quality itself, beautifully complimenting the sculptures. With gold embossing on a striking solid black exterior, and elegantly hand-fi nished with a soft cushioned interior, each box has been gracefully engineered to provide the durability for lifetime storage.
Inside each box, every sculpture is issued with its own uniquely numbered Certificate of Authenticity containing a full in-depth biography of the personality.

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